Jenny Packham Wedding Dresses 2016

Jenny Packham Wedding Dresses 2016

The bridal collection 2016
Designer wedding dresses is Jenny Packham

In an unassuming industrial style space, cascading orbs of duskily tinted roses and fronds of maidenhair ferns hinted at the dreamily botanical, enchanted show to come. Set against a giant custom painted backdrop of blurred florals and set to the opening sounds of a quote from Midsummer Nights Dream, the scene was set for an ethereal, unhurried procession of models, drifting gracefully, revealing themselves one by one, as if emerging from a dream.

Holding wild bouquets of trailing jasmine tendrils and delicate corsages, this collection beautifully blurred the lines between Jenny Packham’s signature aesthetic of demure English Rose with an enchanted sense of whimsy and unexpected magic. A slightly nostalgic assortment of refreshed favourites and re-interpretations of infamous, signature beadwork and sequins were beautifully mixed with new and incredible explorations of embellishment and dreamy silhouettes.

In a palette beautifully devoid of white, gowns rich with pearls, paillettes, muted shimmering bead work and floral embellishments were brought to life in the subtlest expressions of creams and ivory, barely there tints of blush, dusky pinks, dove, mint and the palest of silvers.

Silhouettes explored new takes on Jenny’s signature Art Deco inspired sheaths and the eternally elegant, slinkily dropped waists by way of separate, sheer floating hems that trumpeted slightly, drifting ethereally around ankles as models walked. Gowns decadently, entirely embellished with pearls and sequins moved like liquid ivory, a dreamlike mirage of unfathomable embellishment that made you wonder if you had dreamt, rather than actually seen these gowns.

Demure caplet style sleeves offered unexpected sensuality when viewed from the back, gently draping and fluting into deep V formations, cascading from shoulders to waist. Similarly, the classicism of so many iconic silhouettes were updated with rich constellations of crystal foliage or trailing tendrils of sequins, seeming to run like water down silk skirts and across pooling hems.

Walking to a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, perfectly befitting the Midsummer Nights Dream theme, models looks beautifully fresh faced in uncomplicated hair and makeup. Dewy skin glowed and hair was left free flowing, simply waved as if just released from a braid. Moving in a kind of dreamily, unhurried glide to runways end and back, they embodied enchanted creatures and perfectly showcased the kind of super natural beauty we applaud for brides.

Setting the tone perfectly for ethereal, mid-summer garden celebrations these gowns are easy to imagine beneath a Titania worthy canopy of flowering branches, but would look just as captivating at a decadently glamorous (indoor) evening event, such was the sensuality and appeal of this 2016 collection.

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FOOD AND FASHION – Tips Terlihat Stylist Meski Gemuk (03/02/16)

FOOD AND FASHION – Tips Terlihat Stylist Meski Gemuk (03/02/16)

Program terbaru TRANS TV yaitu Food & Fashion. Dalam program berdurasi 30 menit ini, host akan mengajak pemirsa untuk jalan-jalan dan mencari makanan khas baik tradisional maupun modern, dan melihat cara pembuatannya. Selain itu dalam program ini host juga akan memberikan informasi seputar fashion.

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Wedding Update #4: Reception Dresses, Final Planning and More!

Wedding Update #4: Reception Dresses, Final Planning and More!

OMG guys! I can’t believe that OUR big day is almost here. I am so excited…Ahhhhhh!!!!! Can’t wait to share everything with you guys!

Watch my last video —

My first reception dress

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noviamor does customzied wedding dress, Just give them the custom ideas or simple sketch of the dress, they will make out the dress just for you :-)

Get second reception dress here

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Tips to draw better a fashion sketch in 4 minutes

Tips to draw better a fashion sketch in 4 minutes

The tutorial for today: Tips to draw better a fashion sketch in 4 minutes.
We start with the construction axes. Don’t over draw them. Just a simple sketch will do.This simple axes will help you and they will be a small guidance for your future costume.Remember that if the shoulder axis goes up, the hip line will balance the figue and it will be sketched in the oposite direction.Use soft lines and the use strong strokes that will create your costume. This is an exercise about composition, accents, balancing the lines in a fashion costume, it is an exercise that will help you be more creative, very fast, As a tip: use a music playlist and depending on the music, you can accelerate your lines, after the beat. There is no use in drawing the details,all you have to do is to have an expressive line, very modulated. For the second fashion sketch start, as previously, with the axes. Then add lines, dots and surfaces to your costume, to make in even more creative and interesting to be watched.

A drawing is perfect when you have multiple line sizes – and these you can obtain when you press softer or harder, when you can add pression to your pencils and control the lines.

Another tip is to keep your eyes half closed to see where you need to put the accents in a fashion sketch. If the sketch has almost the same “color” let’s say, it is time to have areas where the line is stronger or softer, where you have empty spaces or black surfaces. These areas are those where the eye of the viewer stops and reflects, where the eye takes a break.

When drawing more figures on a single paper sheet, try to think of all of them as a unit, as a whole. Each fashion sketch can be treated as an individual composition, but also the full paper should be in harmony, having the perfect composition.

See those black areas that I underline sometimeS? Those are the equilibrium of each composition and they help you create a rythm to your drawings.

At then end, take a look at all my drawings on this page and try to understand which technique I applied and why. The first model is feminine and it has a curved soft line. The scond one has the accents put on the upper side, having big volumes in the shape of a pair of earrings and jewelry for the neck.
The third one is more elastic, nervous and it has a bigger volume the the preivous sketches. Here the contrast between the soft lines and those with accents is bigger. The costume is composed by 3 areas that are round: the two volumes on the shoulders and the lower part- the skirt.
The last one has a more masculine approach. The lines are bold, strong and they tend to have angles. They are more rigid and they look geometric somehow.The last figure is the accent of this composition. The line is crazy and unexpected, compared to the previous strokes.

Try to do this exercise at home, by copying my sketches and then by inventing new ones.
Good luck!

Ariana Grande’s Style Advice

Ariana Grande’s Style Advice

Ariana Grande gives her fashion and beauty tips. Check out Ariana’s style advice!!



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50 Designer Wedding Dresses

50 Designer Wedding Dresses

Over 50 photos of beautiful designer wedding dresses, made into an entertaining movie! Visit our site to find out more about wedding dresses (where to get them, and how you can save up to 80%) at



Nosso novo vídeo traz dicas de moda para o Carnaval 2016, com inspirações de looks e acessórios para ficar estiloso durante os dias de folia aliando com o conforto pedido para curtir sem preocupações. Com dicas do blogueiro de moda Alex Cursino.


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Cheap Online Shopping Disasters

Cheap Online Shopping Disasters

Online Shopping Fails: Expectation vs. Reality.
Shopping online is so fun and easy. It helps us find what we’re looking for online instead of taking multiple trips around town. How could anything possibly go wrong?

Well, when shopping online, we cannot help but wonder if what we are seeing is exactly what we are buying. Our expectations can be really different than reality. We know there’s a chance of what’s being sent to our house to be something completely different. And there’s nothing worse than being stuck with an item that is cheap and ugly.

We don’t understand why online stores tend to dramatize on their products or how clothes look on skinny models, but there are many victims of bad online purchases. Why can’t something we bought online be just like how we saw it? Instead, we are part of the unfortunate group who has dealt with online purchase fails. From terrible color differences to wrong sizes, shopping online becomes more and more frustrating.

Just take a look at these poor shoppers. They had no idea on what these cheap products would look like in real life. Beware when shopping online because you might easily receive in your mailbox one of these disasters.

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3 THINGS : YOU CAN DO WITH A SCARF | minimalist fashion tips

3 THINGS : YOU CAN DO WITH A SCARF | minimalist fashion tips

hi guys !

you always ask me to do style videos, so here goes. 3 things that you can do with a scarf.

i hope you like this new video !

see you soon !

love // jenny


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Twobirds Bridesmaid Dresses – Melle Cloche

Twobirds Bridesmaid Dresses – Melle Cloche

Melle Cloche are a wedding boutique in Glasgow’s west end selling a variety of wedding accessories and bridesmaid dresses. Two Birds dresses are one of their biggest sellers. The Two Birds dress can be worn in a variety of ways, making it hugely versatile and one of 2014’s biggest trends.
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